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Default Re: how to fix wolverines character

Originally Posted by truth View Post
You realize that Bryan Singer is to blame for all of this.

Now, you can try and attack me for being homophobic or you can see the dots connect. Bryan looked at Wolverine in the comics and chose Hugh Jackman. Bryan knew that Christopher Reeve was a classically trained actor and picked Brandon Routh. Bryan goes for looks and for people who look aesthetically pleasing. I believe his sexual persuasion has an influence on that.
Before you rush and attack me on that, just think about it for a moment.
You do realize that Christopher Reeve was an unknown just like Routh? And you do realize that in film, classically trained actors can be just as good, or worse then actors with no training?

Bryan Singer directed two good movies. They had problems with them, I agree, but I would ask how much input he had in the script. I do think that they could have been better, but to say that he ruined the x-men is foolish.

Secondly, if you think picking attractive actors for lead roles is a trait that homosexuals own, then all of hollywood must be homosexual. It's industry standard, it has been literally since cinema was invented. Studious don't like to take chances by casting unattractive people in lead roles. Sometimes they will, but they like to play it safe.

As for your earlier comment, the only blame I could see going to Hugh for Origins is the fact that he was a producer. But I would really want to look into that and see how much creative control he had. Tim Burton is listed as a "producer" for Batman Forever. He literally did nothing on the project. JS just gave him the credit because Burton gave him his blessing to make the film.

If Hugh said the script was wonderful, I do place some of the blame on Origins on him. If he had no control over the script, I don't blame him. Here's the crux of it.

EVEN GREAT ACTORS CAN'T DO MUCH WITH A CRAP SCRIPT.You literally could have put Oscar winners in every role in that movie, and it still would have been bad, because the script was bad. Plain and simple. I don't blame that on Hugh, and that's why I disagree with your assessment. You need to realize that actors very often don't have any control over what is written.


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