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Default Re: how to fix wolverines character

Originally Posted by truth View Post
Guys, are you REALLY going to compare Reeve to Routh? You realize Routh can't act. You realize he did not go to the Giulliard Acting School that Reeve went to. You realize that. Reeve was unknown, but back then, ain't no way you are hiring a chap JUST based on his features.

Sorry but, the effect that Jackie Earle had would not be the same effect that a tall guy had. I mean, this argument is pretty straightforward. IT DOES MATTER. Even Jackman said at comic-con: "And they said I was too tall!!" He knows that it's a crucial aspect but he felt he overcame that.
I didn't.

Let's take another example. I hope y'all have seen Midnight Cowboy...hopefully. If not, just watch a trailer for it on the Tube. It's a great movie about the strange friendship between characters played by Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman.
The casting of this was VERY important. The Dustin Hoffman character HAD to be short. Everything about him, what he says, how he walks and how he operates all lends itself to him being short. Jon Voight's character HAS to be tall because his character only lends itself to a taller person.
You guys need to appreciate why there are such things as CASTING DIRECTORS. You also need to appreciate the intentions of artists AND writers who will say a novel for example "the man had a short, scrawny frame about him". These are important aspects. Bryan Singer ain't bigger than a character that has existed for YEARS.
To begin with, I completely disagree with your assessment of JEH's acting. You honestly think his performance would have been any different if he was tall? No, that's complete and utter B.S. Plain and simple.

I'm a studying actor, I realize the importance of casting. I also realize that physical appearance can factor into this. However, even when an actor is miscast, their performance can rise above it. Keaton as Batman for example.

And where exactly do you get off claiming Routh can't act? How many movies have you seen him in? Also, think about the scripts of the shows he's been in. Next, I would argue that Reeve was in two FAR WORSE movies then Routh. But again, this just goes to my earlier point, which you don't seem to grasp that a crappy script will make even great actors look crappy.

Hugh is a good actor. He did well with what he had. He's never had a script that was all that great. And honestly, the height thing COULD have worked with Hugh. It was just Singer not wanting to put the extra work in.


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