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Default Re: how to fix wolverines character

Originally Posted by truth View Post
Gary Oldman.

The man has been in some horrendous stuff, with horrible scripts. He still has risen above and been the most memorable thing about those films.
A bad actor and a great script, makes for a story with great potential that was letdown by poor acting.

A great actor with a poor script, leads to a bad movie that has its only saving grace being the performance.

And I'm sorry, if you look at Dylan Dog the trailer, Routh CAN'T act. He just can't. A poor script won't tell you to have no emotion. I am sure Jim Caviezel could have delivered the lines Routh was given with far more purpose.

"When explorers found it, there was nothing left"

Routh delivered this so badly that I can't comprehend how he is in the industry. A better actor would have done more with that line and that script. As ordinary and cheap as it was, copying Puzo's original.

How was Keaton miscast? Where does it say or show in the Batman comics that Batman HAS to be large and muscle-bound? The crucial aspect of Batman's character is his darkness, mystery and seriousness. His body-frame is NOT crucial to his character.

BUT, you are still right. An actor can put in performance that makes you rethink the character, which is what Keaton brilliantly did. However, Jackman did not do enough off his own back to put in a memorable performance. It was just...good. I don't want good. I want amazing. And the actors are there in abundance to give you...AMAZING.
All right, to begin with, you're criticizing Routh off a trailer. I'm sorry, but at least watch the movie. I'm not going to take someone's opinion with too much weight if you don't actually watch the entire movie. Watching just the trailer for X3, I would say that the movie must have been epic and amazing. Same with Spider-man 3. We both know this isn't the case.

Secondly, sometimes an actor can rise above the script (but I would have to watch which Oldman film you're talking about to know your examples) but more often then not, they don't. McGreggor had to give some horrible lines in the Prequels of Star Wars...and they were still horrible. Portman looked like a bad actress in them as well. Both are very talented actors. They just had bad scripts.

And are you seriously saying there's nothing about Batman that says he's a tall, handsome, extremely fit and physically imposing man? Have you ever read any Batman comics? I'd direct you to Batman Year One, The Man who falls, heck even Hush has a quick overview of Bruce's life in which it details how he trained his body to peak perfection in all forms of fighting, intense weight training, and gymnastics. It's literally part of his origin.

Keaton was miscast for the role. Looks wise. But he pulled off a good performance.

And I would argue that any other actor with the past X-men scripts would not have given us AMAZING, because the scripts were not AMAZING. None of them let Wolverine let loose. Even with an actor that looked the part perfectly, we would still have problems, because even in X1, where Wolverine was the most anti-hero-esque, he was still much more toned back from what he is in the comics.


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