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Default Re: Batman 1966 appreciation thread

Yeah, I still love this show, it was what got me into Batman when i was a kid back in 76/77. On every saturday morning.
It was a blast when the BBC started showing them again two years ago, I recorded as many as I could, all were in perfect quality.

Re that Joker mask, good spot there, I always really liked that ep, it was a loose adaptation of that Dick Sprang story, 'The Joker's Utility Belt', that was in the Greatest Joker stories trade. The first few pages of the comic are pretty faithfully adapted.

Bill finger also wrote at least one ep, he wrote a Clock King two parter which had one of my fav moments from the show as it was serious dramatic one, the CK and his thugs are kidnapping Auny Harriet from teh Manor when Bruce and Dick enter the room. The CK and the thugs not being scared at all until they launch into them, and they scarper without AH. Great moment.

Favs eps of mine are
-the 'Ring of Wax' Riddler ep,
- the Joker one with the Maharaja of Nimpa,
-the first Catwoman ep(which i had on viewmaster slides when i was a kid, looked fantastic that ep in particular, all the cool sets and dark lighting)
- the first ever two eps with the Riddler, esp the first one.
- 'The Mad Hatter's 13th Hat'
- that adaptation of the Joker's Utility belt, 'the Joker is Wild' - that's the one with the great escape from prison during the baseball game i think, if not, i love that prison escape anyway.

Gorshin was my 1st pick for fan villan , followed by BG's Penguin(still my fav Penguin from any media), CR's Joker, Catwoman(i like both LM and JN's, LM because she a good serious CW, LM cause she was funny), DW's the Mad Hatter.

I don't know what my fav cliffhanger escape is, but i always liked that one where Robin does the bird whistling to bring a bird down to peck the hot air balloon the Puzzler has sent them both up in.
and Batman's busting out of his ceramic prison in the MH's 13th hat('why, i merely held my breath.')

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