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Default Re: how to fix wolverines character

Originally Posted by truth View Post
It's the elementary mistake that people don't seem to care about.
No one is saying that in this thread. This particular forum is regards to a sequel to Wolverine, a movie where this character will be the main focus of the movie. We have other forums regarding the other X-Men films where you can discuss Wolverine's expanded role to your heart's content.

I should also remind you that this is not a Brandon Routh thread.

Christopher Reeve and Hugh Jackman have more in common than you think - they were both classically trained actors (Hugh passed on a soap opera gig in Australia to attend drama school), and they were both acclaimed stage actors when they were cast -both seemingly out of nowhere- in their respective superhero roles. And they both continued working in theater after having major success in superhero films.

They both starred in two great movies as Superman and Wolverine, and two not-great movies as Superman and Wolverine. Reeve had writing credits and partial creative control on the last Superman movie, Jackman was a producer on the last Wolverine movie.

Christopher Reeve will always be my favorite Superman, but III and IV were dreadful, even he wasn't very good in them, and he certainly couldn't save them.

You're argument is this ridiculous notion that Singer was "too gay" to logically cast Wolverine (or Superman, for that matter), but he did cast a guy with a real acting background who played the part with the most success when the scripts were at their best. And he wasn't Singer's first choice. It was a originally Dougray Scott, who was also good looking, and reasonably tall as well.

Infinity's samples about the Star Wars prequels were right on target - and forget Ewan and Natalie, I remember seeing Hayden Christensen in Life as a House before seeing AOTC and thinking, this kid is great, he's perfect for Darth Vader. He got a Golden Globe nomination for that movie. But he got stuck with this awful script and terrible characterization, and now he's considered this awful actor, which I don't always think is fair, because he's all right when he has the right material.

A terrible script is a killer, even for the most perfectly cast actors.

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