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Default Re: Batman 1966 appreciation thread

Originally Posted by Joker View Post
My favorite death trap was when The Penguin had Batman and Robin strung up behind a shooting gallery, and Gordon and O'Hara were about to unknowingly shoot them.

That was so clever.
Oh yeah, i meant to list that ep in my favs, 'the Penguin goes straight', they didn't play them on UK tv for about ten years, and then they started showing them on 'the Wide Awake Club', the TVam kid's show. that was the first ep I caught and recorded. I used to watch my tapes of those all the time back then, we'd just got our first video recorder as well, so I was pretty much od'ing on them.

Loved the opening scene at the theatre with Penguin playing superhero, 'A bullet proof umbrella!?'
I always thought the Penguin was crazy for not marrying that woman and only being interested in stealing the wedding gifts, lol.

I also really liked that story about the female escape artist who kidnapped Aunt Harriet.
I loved the live tv negotiation involving Robin and Bruce Wayne, 'Give the poor lady a break willya? You can't be all bad.'

The Joker was hilarious in that Maharaja ep, the way he acts when he puts B&R into the death trap.

and it was pretty cool when sometimes West would put on the 'dark' Batman act on the early eps, like in the second part of 'The Ring of Wax', when he casts a bat sillouette over the gang, and they all gasp in fear.
I also loved the bit when Robin goes in solo and takes a couple of them on himself.

Gorshin was just an absloute joy to watch in that two parter, there is this crazy giggle he goes into when he thinks he's got ahold of the Batmobile, really funny.

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