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Default Re: Batman 1966 appreciation thread

Originally Posted by david icke View Post
Oh yeah, i caught that surf ep back in the late 80s/early90s, that was pretty bad.
I haven't caught much of the third series at all since i was a kid.
I remember there was an ep where Bruce Wayne was hypnotised by a female villan and did not appear as Batman in the entire ep iirc, it was up to Batgirl and Robin to save him, and i think he fought them at the end. I vividly reclal watching that when i was about 3yrs old because i was so wound up that Batman did not appear in costume in the ep, lol, i think that's why that is such a vivid memory.
That was in the episode with Joan Collins as The Siren. That was a good episode. She was a great one shot villain. Apparently Joan got an awful time from the director of her episode. He kept picking on her over little things. Adam said he had to console her several times. Again I got all this from Adam's book.

Adam generally disliked the third season overall. They were cut back to one episode a week, and the scripts suffered because of that. They also had budget cuts, and the sets in season 3 looked really poor and tacky.

Check out the dock side set in the Nora Clavicle episode. LOL!!! It is so bad. I mean....WOW it was baaaaaaaaad!!!! I don't know how they kept a straight face filming on that set.

You should read Adam's book. It's a fountain of info about the show, how he got on with all the actors, directors, fans etc. Apparently everyone hated Otto Preminger, the guy who played Mr Freeze the second time around. The guy was a total dick head according to Adam. He would make comments about people's weight, appearance, ask out loud if someone on the set was gay and made sure they were in earshot when he said it, he never listened to the director, tried to tell the other actors how they should act their characters etc.

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