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Default Re: how to fix wolverines character

Erm, eye colour is not as big a deal as the body frame of someone.

I think someone mentioned Keaton as an example of miscasting. Bruce Wayne, like Clark Kent and most other comic protagonists were drawn in the Caucasian archetypal manner. Wide jaw, chiselld features, wide shoulders, tall and muscly. There was nothing that made Bruce Wayne distinctive, physically. It was his perosnality and past.

As for the Dreyfuss example. Spielberg was right. The man gave a memorable performance and would have been much better than a dull Captain America type character. Jackman did NOT give a memorable performance.

Back on the topic at hand. My hopes for Wolverine 2 are low. Hugh Jackman is no Stallone or Eastwood. Those men are rare and create things from the ground up. Jackman is just an actor. He is too involved. The project needs someone with a vision who won't take BS from any studio head. Simple as.

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