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Default Re: how to fix wolverines character

if an actor's ( or actress' ) performance can trump physical details, like height, then I propose the opposite scenario to the Jackman/Wolverine issue we're discussing.

If it's ok for a tall actor ( like Jackman ) to play a character that was originally created to be short ( like Wolverine ), would it then be ok for a short actor to play a tall character?

Let's say....the most iconic hero of them all.......Superman.

What would happen if, in the next Superman film, they cast a short-average height actor to play Superman. IDK.....someone who's 5'8".....or......gasp!......5'5".

Let's this actor, despite his height, looks the part physically and absolutely nails the role in his portrayal of both Clark Kent and Superman. He has great screen presence and chemistry with Lois, etc.

Let's also say the movie itself is great ( great story writing, great characterization, great action, etc. ).

IOW....all the stars align for the next Superman actor and movie.....well....except that the actor is short.

Would ppl readily accept him as the new Superman? Would ppl say "OMG....he's perfect for the role.....he's a great Superman.....I can't imagine anyone else playing the role!" (which alot of ppl are saying about Jackman playing Wolverine )?

Would ppl, in defending that casting choice, argue that "height doesn't matter" ( especially if we got a great actor who can act )?

Probably not.......

They would cry foul and immediately say that guy is too short for the role. Superman is supposed to be tall. That actor doesn't look the part, well, because he's too short!

Yet, for some strange reason, that doesn't seem to work in reverse.

We can't say Jackman doesn't look the part because he's a full 1 foot taller than what Wolverine is supposed to be without someone on the other side saying "height doesn't matter." Or, "Jackman makes a perfect Wolverine."

By that same logic, height shouldn't matter with Superman. After all, technically, his height really has nothing to do with his powers. A person of any size ( short, average, tall ) could have all the powers of Superman. If Superman did exist in the real world, there's no rule that says he HAS to be a tall guy.

Just like, a tall guy could have all of Wolverine's powers ( like Jackman in the movies ).

But, height does matter. The way a character looks does matter. Especially when you are dealing with a VISUAL medium like comic books. These characters were created, drawn, and written with a certain set of physical and personaliy traits. Espcially when they have a unique, recognizable look.

Superman is tall, muscular, square jawed, broad shouldered, etc. the "perfect" male physique.

Wolverine is short, stocky, and hairy......with a wild hairdo and a nasty personality.

that's how these characters were created, how they've been portrayed throughout all these years in their primary medium ( comic books ). that's their "image."

Having different eye color is not as important ( it can be easily changed ), unless it is absolutely essential to the character.

Height, however, is a trait that's not easily changed or fixed. And I'm not talking about a 2-3 inch height difference. I'm talking about a full foot.

Superman is supposed to be....what.....6'2"? Would a 5'2" actor play Superman?


Then why should a 6'3" actor play a 5'3" character?

If Singer said that they tried to make Jackman look shorter in X1 but gave up because it was too much work or took too much time, then that means Singer was aware that Wolverine was supposed to be shorter. But he chose to not to include that aspect of the character because it was too much work and he didn't have enough time. that problem I have a very simple solution.


There, problem solved.

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