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Default Re: how to fix wolverines character

Originally Posted by truth View Post
I think someone mentioned Keaton as an example of miscasting. Bruce Wayne, like Clark Kent and most other comic protagonists were drawn in the Caucasian archetypal manner. Wide jaw, chiselld features, wide shoulders, tall and muscly. There was nothing that made Bruce Wayne distinctive, physically. It was his perosnality and past.
Are you trying to say that Keaton wasn't miscast? Because, again, Batman is specifically stated as a tall, very muscled and incredibly athletic man. As I pointed out before when you said that Keaton wasn't miscast on a physical aspect (which is flat out wrong), the comics, in terms of his origins, specifically go out of their way to tell us how Bruce Wayne is a physical specimen, and how he perfected his body.

Keaton does not, in any way, fit that description. But his performance rose above it. Also, we get it that you don't think Hugh did a good job. Many of us disagree. That's just opinion.

One thing I've brought up many times though is the fact that none of the scripts were ever that good. None of the scripts let Wolverine let loose in his traditional Wolverine-like manor, as intense as he is in the comics. Even with the perfect actor physically, we would still have problems with how Wolverine was portrayed in the movies because the scripts reign the character in.


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