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Default Re: how to fix wolverines character

Originally Posted by WolverineXtreme View Post
well, sabetoonth and infinity, you're both more tolerant than others I've come across.

But at least you both are fair. I appreciate that and I respect that.

And that's really the point I was trying to make in my post. A sense of fairness and equality. If "height doesn't matter," then it should be just as acceptable for a short guy to play a much taller character, just as a taller actor playing a shorter character.
No problem. I'm a studying actor myself, so more often then not I get annoyed when people try to pin all the blame on someone.

Also, in film especially, a lot of things can be worked around. Height is one of them. On stage, you'd be **** out of luck, (to an extent) but in film, Height doesn't matter quite as much. However, I do realize that your physical appearance does come into play at some point. For example, I'm never going to play Othello, being a white guy. (Unless it's one of those revisionist versions). But, while I do agree Hugh is physically miscast for Wolverine in terms of height, it's something they could have fixed. Singer didn't, but that's not Hugh's fault. And I thought he gave a pretty solid Wolverine for two movies. He's just never had a script that's let him cut loose.


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