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Default Re: Batman 1966 appreciation thread

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post
Did anyone see that E! biography of Adam when he told that once he and Frank were invited to a special party. When they got in, they folund out it was an orgy. One of the "participants" spot them and said something like "Noooo! I can't go on, Batman and the Riddler are here" and that it was like they ruined the moment for all of them.

True story. At least Adam told that story himself.
Yep, that's also in Adam's book, too. He's got a few wild drinking stories and sexual encounters in there.

Originally Posted by Mister J View Post
Just added this to the collection. It sits right beside my 1966 Batmobile from the same line.

The 1:12 scale makes it notably loom over the Batmobile, but I appreciate the increased size for better detailing.

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