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Default Re: Casting for She-Hulk

Originally Posted by WillardNation View Post
Is she CGI? Then no. Those women are big, yeah, but there's not a woman alive that is as big or ripped as She-Hulk. Even if you found one, chances are she wouldn't be a good actress. Even if you found one that happened to be a good actress, covering her green paint is just going to look silly. CGI or bust. Just like the Hulk.
Aw C'mon dude your telling me that they can't find a tall women who can act?
Also even if she couldn't act your telling me that a CG non-life character can act better then a live person.
A bad live person is going to come off more believeable then a dead CG person.
Also the way they can paint people now a days is completely different.
They can paint people ala CG.
The Silversurfer in FF 2:His silver shine was all computer genertated the actor playing the part wore a grey suit.
No way in the world a CG character is going to bring or pull off the feminine appeal it takes to play this person.
Also the person playing Jen Walters is the one who really needs to act.
the She-Hulk just needs to bust stuff up and look good while she's doing it.

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