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Default Re: "By The Goddess" The Official Storm/Halle Thread (part 2)

it seemed liked that's what they were trying to do in X3, but it didn't come off right...they did get the warrior, attacks w/her powers right, but they lost the motherhood aspect that I liked in X2(deleted scene with her and Jean in the jet as a nod to their sister like relationship) and X1 (if you count the deleted scene w/her and Rogue)

i.m.o it felt like in X3 they wanted 2 give the characters new personalities, but they didn't balance out what was established in 1st 2 films...Storm will never turn on Jean and want her dead...but hopefully in First Class we will get these elements of Storm that we like and I don't care if its inconsistent with the previous 3 films that was 10 yrs ago!!!!! let it go people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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