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Default Re: Solo sequels or Avengers sequels???

Originally Posted by rede123 View Post
Johnson is not that good with period pieces, actualy there was a continuity problem with the wolfman in which it is featured a bridge from england, first seen being constructed, and moments later it appears already constructed, while in real life it took some more years for its construction to be concluded. I don´t remember the bridge´s name, but i remember seeing and reading this.
This shows that Johnson likes period pieces but is not very good making them.
If you watch October Sky, that's the kind of atmosphere I'm assuming Johnson will be bringing to the table. I haven't seen Wolfman yet, but I'm assuming that maybe the genre of the movie might have taken some precedence over the tone and visuals a little bit. Just as Cap will probably be a little over the top, because it's a superhero movie, I can guess that Wolfman had its moments too, because it was a horror movie about a werewolf.

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