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Default Re: Casting for She-Hulk

Originally Posted by sabetoonth View Post
WW isnt Green

and I;m saying a decent acress slightly bulked up with CGI if she cant bulk up to Shulkie size, camera trciks and shoe lifts can give height, i they can do it with no CGI, then I'd be really happy
Neither is Lou Ferringo. The issues is an impossible physique is required, and instead of changing the requirement and going for the spirit of the character, fans want a person who is the random height scribbled down by a writer/artist.

Originally Posted by Red Mask View Post
She-Hulk has grown taller over the years. It's not the muscle that's impossible but her height. It's nothing like Wonder Woman because there are women with Diana's height and do have great physiques.
Virtually none of them are even half-decent actresses though, and of the one with dark hair that is (extra points if you find her), she's pretty flat-chested, which is the opposite of Diana. The issue is the same: fans require something superhuman to play a superhuman instead of allowing, as sabertooth would, camera tricks and standard Hollywood stunting to give us a larger than life character, fans want someone who's like that in real life, even, for most, at the cost of being able to actually portray the character.

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