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Default Re: Casting for She-Hulk

Originally Posted by GL1 View Post
Neither is Lou Ferringo. The issues is an impossible physique is required, and instead of changing the requirement and going for the spirit of the character, fans want a person who is the random height scribbled down by a writer/artist.

Virtually none of them are even half-decent actresses though, and of the one with dark hair that is (extra points if you find her), she's pretty flat-chested, which is the opposite of Diana. The issue is the same: fans require something superhuman to play a superhuman instead of allowing, as sabertooth would, camera tricks and standard Hollywood stunting to give us a larger than life character, fans want someone who's like that in real life, even, for most, at the cost of being able to actually portray the character.
She-Hulk's physique isn't impossible. She isn't always portrayed as super ripped like a body builder. Her physique is more of a fitness model. You can even see that on the first issue of She-Hulk #1 (the Dan Slott series) as well as the original Savage She-Hulk #1.

She doesn't have Hulk-like muscles but is relatively slender and shapely, and still very feminine, and most importantly, is a physique a regular actress could achieve with the right fitness regimen.

If the studio could find a tall model who can act who could also bulk up for the part, then that would be better than CGI or having to use forced angles. Of course, there would probably still be some of that to enhance the actress, but I don't think She-Hulk should be pure CGI.

Even Chris Hemsworth isn't as tall as the comic Thor. She-Hulk doesn't need to be super tall, just because people keep increasing Hulk's height. She was only ever 6 ft something in the comics. It's not out of the question to get women who are over 6ft tall.

I don't think lifts will work either, because the actress who portrays She-Hulk needs to be at least 6ft tall in her bare feet, as She-Hulk often runs around without shoes. She still needs to look tall, not be only 5ft 4. A person who is 5ft 4 looks different to a taller woman of 6ft even if they are long limbed.

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