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Default Re: A Spider-Woman film?

I would see a Spider-Woman flick being in the same vein as something like Buffy or Angel. The original Spider-Woman comic was set in Los Angeles and she fought all kinds of supernatural characters. She even later worked as a private investigator. It needs to be gothic and completely different to Spider-Man, so that no-one thinks she's a rip off of his character. I think Spider-Woman could appeal to the Twilight fans since it's a similar genre. Characters who could potentially feature in the movie are Morgan Le Fay, Hydra, Werewolf by Night, the Brothers Grimm, Nekra or Gypsy Moth. It definitely needs to be slightly macabre and spooky.

That Cerina Vincent chick looks WAY too old. Also, I don't know why you are posting a pic from the cartoon series. That is completely unfaithful to the comic.

I would rather see a Spider-Woman just starting out. That is far more interesting. She was unsure of herself, quite innocent in the ways of the world, slightly amoral and still rebelling against Hydra. She was also a woman out of time, since she was actually born in the 1920s or 30s but placed in suspended animation for decades. She also had to deal with the effect her pheremones had on people.

I'd suggest British actress Rebecca Hall for the role:

Why? First off, she looks like the character, has an innocent beauty and can act. She was in Vicky Christina Barcelona and Dorian Gray, and in the former she was adept at playing nervous and innocent. Also, Jessica Drew is British, so a British actress would be entirely appropriate.

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