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Default Re: Casting for She-Hulk

Originally Posted by Hmarrs View Post
Here she is again at 6'5 all she needs are a pair of 2'inch Pumps and were good to go!!!
She does not need a pair of 2" pumps. First off, I already said that She-Hulk ought to be tall in her bare feet, not needing lifts to add to her height. And second, on camera, 2" is barely going to make a difference. It's not like people are going to look at this actress and think "oh no, she isn't 6ft 7" ". Her height is tall enough since she'll already dwarf everyone else around, and she'd certainly look taller than Chris Hemsworth.

The main question is whether she can act. I've never heard of this lady or anything she's been in. Does she have enough charisma and personality to carry a movie? Or is she going to just be a device like (Lou Ferrigno was whenever Bill Bixby's Banner got angry), but having Jennifer Walters as the main character? I don't think it can be that way, because She-Hulk is the more interesting character compared to Jennifer, and she'll spend most of her time (even as a lawyer or doing any kind of investigative work) as She-Hulk.

EDIT: I've checked out some of her modelling pics and she is very beautiful. But that's the thing. I can't see that she's going to want to bulk up and pack on muscle for this role and ruin her looks. I don't think she'd be able to get her slender, supermodel look back, and that would detract from her marketability. At least at that height, she's still very beautiful and has model proportions. If she starts to look like a bodybuilder, she will still have a niche following, but not as wide an appeal. She might work as the original Savage She-Hulk who wasn't that muscular, but the more modern She-Hulk still is at least as ripped as say, Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2.

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