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Default Re: Casting for She-Hulk

She-Hulk's biggest stumbling block is that she's associated with the Hulk. General audiences would expect a female, mindless version of an overly muscled monster. Marvel need to make She-Hulk's movie as different as possible to the Hulk movies. The problem is that, for her origin, she needs that blood transfusion from Banner. Of course, if Mark Ruffalo just guest-starred but didn't turn into the Hulk, then that could set things up for the She-Hulk movie. The question is whether She-Hulk would go through her "Savage" phase (by that, I mean the storylines in Savage She-Hulk, not that she is savage in personality) or whether she'd skip straight to her "Sensational" phase or "Single Green Female" phase? I'd want her to have some of the "Savage" storylines where she's discovering herself and coping with her new-found strength, but I'd want her to be more like she was in Fantastic Four (before "Sensational"). I don't want her breaking the fourth wall. I'd like her to be more sexy, sensuous and confident but not become the butt-end of jokes. I certainly don't want it to become a green version of Ally McBeal with over-the-top storylines and fantasy.

The best tone was in the Sensational She-Hulk graphic novel. That was pre-Sensational series, no breaking of the fourth wall, but more of a sexy, action story where she was exploited and explored by SHIELD. That could even help her tie into the Avengers. I'm sure Neal McDonagh would like to film the scene where She-Hulk is standing in the nude being strip searched in front of all the SHIELD agents, and Dum Dum bursts in and is flabbergasted. Imagine that playing out between McDonagh and Alexis Skye.

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