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Default Iron Man vs. Whiplash

Writer: Marc Guggenheim
Artists: Marko Djurdjevic and Philipe Briones

JUST finally got around to reading the miniseries that came out sometime around the Iron Man 2 release and I have to say that it was a superb read.

It helps to introduce the Anton Vanko version of Whiplash, sharing the same namesake as the original Crimson Dynamo and after assuming that Tony Stark and his armor helped destroy his town and kill his father, builds his own armor to take Stark on.

The art alone and design of this updated version of Whiplash is great, Marko Djurdejevic pieces together some great fight scenes, especially in the last two issues. Marc Guggenheim writes a simple origin story for this Whiplash, but also not lacking on the dramatics, and some funny inside jokes. While its no Demon in the Bottle or Extremis, i think it was a quick and enjoyable read, that really hopefully introduces this new Whiplash, Anton Vanko to the Iron Man rogue for good, would enjoy to see a continuation of his story.

Just curious if anyone has read the mini and any thoughts, maybe it turns out that I'm the only one that liked it that much...but get some discussion going on in the comic forum.

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