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Default Re: Casting for She-Hulk

Originally Posted by WillardNation View Post
Any large, muscular actress you get and paint green is just going to look like a large, muscular woman painted green. She-Hulk is way more than just above average size and muscular. The only way you can get She-Hulk is with CGI.
She-Hulk shouldn't be unnaturally muscular. She shouldn't even look like a female bodybuilder. She should just look like a fitness model with some muscles, but not looking like a man. She doesn't have Hulk-like proportions.

Originally Posted by LOBO3315a View Post

Ok, I took the suggestions provided earlier and made the above changes....

Is that better? Worse? I think her hair needs to be darker....
Definitely better, and the lips look more natural now. Yes, the hair should be darker, not bright green. Shulkie has dark green hair.

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