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Default Re: Iron Man 2 Hitting Blu-ray and DVD on Sept. 28

All good stuff but I understand why it was cut. The only thing I kind of felt should've been kept in was the Mark II scene as it could explain how Rhodey would know how to fix it up and improve it. Keep in mind the Mark II had design flaws that Tony had to fix.

The alternate opening is hilarious but it does NOT work. I feel the movie needed a little less comedy at times. And in that regard the scene is just too funny. RDJ is funny but he's starting to walk a thin line in that scene. Well what I mean is his quirks and hangover are being played up as comedy. I think its wrong because I mean well when we heard about the production designer building a toilet for Tony to throw up in we thought this meant alcoholism or demon in a bottle.

To do the alcoholism I would want maybe to get a chuckle or two out of the absurdity but it should ultimately be sad, pathetic, and the lowest point a human being can fall to. Here it just treats having a hangover as a joke and its just too much for me. I'm glad they went with intro-ing Ivan Vanko and the simplified opening with Iron Man jumping out of the plane instead.

The party stuff I'm a little mixed on. I like it because Tony has acted like this before, hanging around with loose women that don't truly care about him and Tony is being an immature idiot. However again they don't take it quite far enough. Favreau is not committed to the Demon In A Bottle story, that much is clear. Ultimately these sequences were cut because apparently test audiences just didn't like it when Tony was flirting with other women and wanted Tony to get with Pepper. This is according to Favreau at least.

To a degree I understand. Iron Man is an icon now and he's a happy meal toy as well. So I mean there's an idea that he has to be more of a role model now. Certain aspects will be played down

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