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Default Re: What about a Batman live-action tv series?

I've often wondered about a prequel series to Birds of Prey!,BOP was alright to me and I did like the tone&look of that series,I'd like at least 3 seasons of a new series.

1st season-Bruce is in a serious relationship with Selina while Batman is of course enemies with Catwoman while they also having love-hate relationship/Bruce and Greyson often have problems/Joker as main villain for S1 with villians from the comics making appearances.

End of Season one-Dick Greyson leaves the Wayne mansion/Bruce gets engaged to Selina and Joker is locked up in Arkham.

Season 2-More than 1 new main villian/Selina gets pregnant/Dick becomes Nightwing.

End of Season 2-Bruce&Selina tell each other there identity/Nightwing becomes an ally to Batman But not partners anymore.

Season 3-Bruce&Selina gets married/Joker is out again/Barbara is thinking of leaving too/Batman has fights with Nightwing.

End of Season 3-Baby is born/Batman&Catwoman is killed together/Barbara gets paralyzed and Nightwing takes care of Joker/Alfred takes the baby into safety with Batgirl&Nightwing promising to protect Gotham and make Batman proud while also promising to check on the baby as she grows up.

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