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Default Re: Iron Man 2 Hitting Blu-ray and DVD on Sept. 28

Originally Posted by GhostPoet View Post
You know that Blu-Ray are popular...I think it's time studios stopped with the DVD mentality and started using the large benefits of blu-ray.

What am I talking about? Deleted scenes!!

Let US, the viewer go to a menu and select which deleted scenes we want in the film and which we don't...then we can watch it how we want too...instead of shoving them all into a menu seperate from the film.
i kinda have to disagree with you. because it is ultimately an art piece drawn by someone else's vision. it's like buying like the Mona Lisa, but included in the price is a paint brush and a color palette so that you could change it to how you think it should be.

i actually think we should be happy that we even get to see deleted scenes and alternative takes, because the are not part of the artpiece. but it cool to see what they were thinking.

my 2-cents. I think you have a legit point, i just don't necessarily agree with it.

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