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Default Re: Which X-Men HENCHMAN is your favorite?

I thought all the henchmans were pretty bad ass and definetley felt like a huge threat to the x-men.

Personallu i liked Toad and Sabretooth,

Toad was just awsome, loved the way they turned a character who was considered a joke and made him into a real threat and i felt he was the biggest suprise of x 1.

Sabretooth, yeah i know he didn't talk much but tell me he didn't look like a bad mother ****er? He just looked so intimidating and he was huge, i mean he was really scary looking i felt. And the times Sabreooth did talk it sounded pretty scary, which is what Sabretooth should sound like.

Loved Mystique, i loved how she was this sexy yet sinister woman and really was intimidating.

Juggernaut was sweet to as well as Pyro,Lead Deathstrike.

The one thing i loved though about the Henchman was that they didn't have a ton of dialogue(especially in the first 2 movies) it added a real intimidation factor to them , they were the quiet ill kick your ass type, it was a nice contrast to the X-men, while the X-men were a close tight group and all close with each, Magnetos Brotherhood(or Lady Deathstrike) they were just there to cause mayhem didn;t really care to much for another.

I also liked how the brotherhood always looked very unclean and raggidy added a sense that they were these "sideshow freaks" while the x men were in a nice mansion with nice uniforms and a jet.

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