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Default Re: The Iron Man 2 Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by I SEE SPIDEY View Post
The movie did disappoint, just like Spider-Man 3 did. It doesn't matter than both got over 300mil. The boxoffice is relative and the fact is Iron Man 2 made less than even the lowest predictions. It was not ridiculous to expect 350 to 400mil because the movie was in the exact same position that simular movie sequels were in. It's lower than expected opening can be blamed on marketing but it's legs were all word of mouth...which wasn't very good.

I'm not going to treat Iron Man special because it's a comicbook franchise. Also it would have been ridiculous for us to expect it to sell as many tickets as Spider-Man but it's not ridiculous for us to think that it would make 400mil.
You used the wrong Spider-Man sequel as a comparison. You have to use 2nd movie to 2nd movie. That's what you look at if you want "similar movie sequels".

Spider-Man 2 made 7% less than Spidey 1. FF2 made 15% less than FF1. Superman 2 made 20% less than Supes 1. Batman 2 made 35% less than Batman 1. IM2 made 0.1% less than IM1 best of the bunch.

The predictions were off from day one on IM2. Because someone was using the wrong comparisons.

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