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Default Re: An idea of what next Superman film needs

Originally Posted by Peyton Westlake View Post
There is ONE thing I have never seen anyone mention or even want to know about Supes. Why he does it. We all know he is Superman & he chooses to because he wants to use his gift for the greater good. It was never really touched on more then a thought or two. What goes on in his head.....his heart. Why an alien in our world cares so much for people he is disconnected with & has no ties to. If a writer can come up with a big time reason & show it in a film,along with showing how 'super' he can be....I think that is a starting point.
He was raised by humans, and he has a very deep connection with us. If they are going this route, I hope someone realizes that despite his alien nature, Superman is one of the most human heroes out there.

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