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Default Re: Captain America: Super Soldier (The Video Game)

Things to expect from the game

-terrible voice acting
-horrible cutscenes
-uninspired boss fights
-repetitive combat
-repetitive missions
-small ties to the film
-villains that were not in the film in the game
-relatively short length

At least thats the list of things I think will get the game a bad score once the reviews hit.

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People on the net would argue about the sky being blue if all other subjects were exhausted. The last suit was beautiful and if how it was made is a problem for them, I suggest they start watching docu-dramas about nuns in the war. You can suspend disbelief about flying and laser eyes and blue men with small penises being able to see time as a whole, but you can't let slide about how someone stitches a leotard. The mind boggles.
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