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Default Re: Greatest Composer of a Batman Film!?

It's Elfman for me. I favor scores with memorable, hummable character themes and his Batman theme is one of the greats. BATMAN RETURNS is probably my most cherished soundtrack album.

I also think Shirley Walker's gorgeous, Hermannic score for MASK OF THE PHANTASM should make her worthy of a slot on this poll. Her best work was, to my mind, in some of the episodes within the series like TWO-FACE and RIDDLER'S REFORM (which sounds like it could've been ripped from a Hitchcock picture).

Zimmer & Newtown Howard's scores are both efficient and effective, but have no lasting impact on me, certainly not the way the other scores in the poll do. Interestingly, when I saw SHERLOCK HOLMES and INCEPTION, those scores stuck in the forefront of my mind for weeks afterward. Not the case with BATMAN BEGINS or THE DARK KNIGHT.

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