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Default Re: Greatest Composer of a Batman Film!?

Originally Posted by Happy Jack View Post
Not really, no. She used the Elfman theme a lot in the early days of TAS, but that was actually because the studio had called for that to tie the show to the current movies (that's also why some character models are similar). As the show went on Walker developed her own theme and eventually came to use it instead. It's similar to Elfman, but better in my opinion.

Yeah but in the first 2 season Walker simply reused Elfman's score from primarily the first movie with some additional tweaks, using the same instruments and style as Elfman did on the score for the first movie. All that was part of the idea to continue Burton's world in the animated series, more or less (the Goth Deco design, the gangster noir, the 1940s style and a big portion of consistency, like Penguin's deformed look and Jack Napier name were the other elements). And after all, she did work with Danny for many years and on many projects including scoring the Batman movie as well so she understood that style


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