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Default Re: The Joker's background?

Originally Posted by jamesCameronOnl View Post
Well, the chemical vat is. It was the origin given to him by Kane/Finger and he was always someone with permanet white skin, green hair and permanet smile. And then after the Crisis of Infinitive Earth the almost same origins were restated in The Killing Joke and then repeated/confirmed in O'Neil's 'Images' and in 2004's Gotham Nights #54. There were some other suggestions in 2000s, but they were never confirmed or definite like in the above mentioned comics and they never contradicted the chemical accident
the orgin came in 1950. The producers did say they were inspired by the first 2 appearances of Joker in Batman# 1 so that's how I veiw it a modernized hyper-realistic Joker/Joker Returns from Batman# 1/Long Halloween:
Batman Chronicles vol 1 at Barnes and Noble or your local comic book store
Comparisons beteen Batman# 1 and The Dark Knight
No one knows who Joker is and nothing about him
Joker announces public using radio, newspaper, etc what his crime against public officals as well as mobsters
Joker's look like a realistic version of first appearnce(Joker is described as having a “mask-like” face(could be seen as the war paint) and “hate-filled” eyes the only times he smiles are when he’s committing or planning evil kind of like DKR/ASBR Joker as well. )and he is a cold blooded theatrical killer
Joker laughing when he is about to die(stabbed himself or falling to his death)
Joker got sent to jail but escape using explosives
Joker being a match for Batman physically(fight at party with henchman and fight at end with dogs in DK) and mentally
Joker pretends to be police member

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