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Default Re: Captain America: Super Soldier (The Video Game)

i wish this suit was the movie suit. also i played the wolverine game and it wasn't that good. maybe compared to other movie games it was good, but as a stand alone game it was just a button masher. the levels were tedious just run here and fight a group, then run here and fight a group. the older wolverine game with mark hammil as logan was better, you could stealth kill your way through the whole game. also jumping from jeeps and vehicles were just simple, uncharted 2 had way better vehicle jumping mechanics than wolverine. i think some people have selective memory when it comes to the wolverine game. it was not that good.

anyway back to this game, i hope this suit is the movie suit for modern times. this suit looks way better. i hope this game has some sort of counter system that way you can do throws and disarms. rather than just throw the shield and punch and kick. stealth mechanic would also be good. you could take out people like mgs

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