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Default Re: Rogue VS. She-Hulk

wow u guys r stupid if u think she-hulk could beat any version of Rogue!
1. with Ms. Marvels powers Rogue is invulnerable, strong, quick, can predict and sense incoming attacks and fly that combined makes her a human torpedo and she has done this many times in the comics
2. with Sunfire's powers (sunfire is an uberpowerfull mutant for u dumbasses who dont know) Rogue can fly and use heat blast as hot as the sun, she could just melt sheskank in a split second, and btw she can use heat to gain superstrength too u dumb****s
3. when she's Amalgam she has the powers, intelligence, experience, training, ect. of Beast, Cyclops, and many other mutants, 'nuff said
4. even just with her absorbtion powers shehulk would have to get near her to attack and we all know she hulk is a hoochie who barely wears a leotard Rogue would even have to try to touch her it's too easy!
In all instances Rogue wins!!!

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