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Originally Posted by TheCorpulent1 View Post
Thor. He's more powerful by pretty much any indicator; only advantage I'd give Diana is a potential speed advantage, since Thor can supposedly move around the speed of lightning, whereas Diana's taken down speedsters. Diana taking on superior forces is arguable. Thor's punched a hole in a Celestial, chased Galactus away, and routinely beats Mangog, a being who is the embodiment of billions of people's rage.
Diana has more skill as a warrior, and inuitive reflexes AND has beaten the GOD OF WAR, Ares, who is the sum of ALL rage and war and death and hatred and negativity in the World! she has also beaten other gods/goddesses

oh and her Lasso of Truth is indestructable! if she gets in around him he's not breaking out! not to mention he will be compelled to reveal his weaknesses and the way to defeat him! besides Diana's bracelets are forged from Zeus' Aegus shield which allows her to channel lightning as well

and her superstrength comibined with her skills and weaponry enable her to easily defeat Superman, her bracelets clashing could cause earthquakes and flinging her tiara with full force and speed could be extremely lethel even to Superman at his strongest

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