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Default Re: Captain America: Super Soldier (The Video Game)

Lately, Sega has put out some crappy titles for sure, but Sega has also put out some really awesome titles in the past, so I will try to remain positive.

One of my favorites was actually comic book related too, X-Men for Sega Genesis. I loved everything about this game from the cover art to the part where you get to Mojo and it tells you in order to diffuse the bomb you need to reset the system and you actually have to reset the Genesis system. Simply genius.

I also agree with aeamek. Movie production companies often do not give game developers enough time to produce good titles related to their movies, and this has been the case for many of Sega's recent superhero titles. I realize everyone equates Sega's titles to Rocksteady's Batman Arkham Asylum, but Arkham was not based on the story of the Dark Knight, therefore Rocksteady was able to take their time and really work out all of the details and refine the combat system. Don't get me wrong I love Arkham Asylum, but it's quality can not be compared to what Sega is putting out, when Rocksteady has not been given the same set of restrictions.

Just my thoughts.


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