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Default Re: The Joker's background?

Originally Posted by jamesCameronOnl View Post
Now, my knowledge about the comic books from the past decade is kinda hazy, but I know there was a comic book explaining the origins of the TDK Joker. It said that he had a rough upbringing and killed animals when he was a kid then set his own house on fire, something to that effect. Then he was on his own, moving around in gangs and eventually growing into what he had become.
I think your talking about Brave and the Bold comic which had a Atom/Joker team up. It wasn't a TDK comic it was just a take on the Joker's origin. I kind of like the multiple origin/we don' t know what the true origin is.
I admit that you had valid points jamesCameronOnl about Joker but
Jerry Robbison a co-creator of the Joker(I don't know if Bob Kane was right or not) helped with the making of the Dark Knight as well ( and Tim Burton also admitted to not being a fan but using the killing joke as inspiration as well.
and sure TDK Joker can be seen as a loose adaption in a way(Joker may not have 1930s surreal flamboyant gangster in him or permawhite but alot of Joker traits were in him so I hope people can frogive those two things) but so was the Joker in Batman(1989) but in a way they can be see as faithful comic adaptions as well

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