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Default Re: Captain America: Super Soldier (The Video Game)

Originally Posted by Hush View Post
The game looks like a high grade PS2 game. Honestly can't the spend time and give us quality?
Well the game is not completely done yet either, these are just early images and video. The game is probably set to release when the Movie comes out. So, they still have a while to polish things up.

Also, a side note. Everyone is kind of hard on Sega, but Sega was a leader 20 years ago, and without their direction, the future of gaming might not have been the same. Most games in the 80's and even very early 90's used sprites, there was only a handful of games that attempted polygons (the first being I, robot in 1983), but most were not very successful. However, Sega saw the value in this technology and revolutionized it with games like Virtua Racing and Virtua Fighter. These games had vastly improved visuals in terms of polygon count, frame rate, and overall scene complexity, which all contributed to a greater sense of immersion. These 2 games went on to be very successful and other companies took notice. After Sega's success with these 2 titles, Polygon games became more common practice and eventually replaced the sprite technology as being the main way games are developed. So, when you play Rocksteady's Batman Arkham Asylum try to remember that Sega helped to make it possible.


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