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Default Re: The Joker's background?

Originally Posted by ironman29758 View Post
I think your talking about Brave and the Bold comic which had a Atom/Joker team up. It wasn't a TDK comic it was just a take on the Joker's origin.
I think thats the one, thanks. However, I just read it and it really does seem like TDK's Joker origins since its a direct tie - in. We see the famous "Hit me" scene with the batpod in the comic with the exact same dialogue. Ill make some scans and update the history and try to find some interview with the comic's writers to see whats going on there

I kind of like the multiple origin/we don' t know what the true origin is.
I like both - the classic origins and not knowing. Thats why Im glad we have both takes on film

I admit that you had valid points jamesCameronOnl about Joker but
Jerry Robbison a co-creator of the Joker(I don't know if Bob Kane was right or not) helped with the making of the Dark Knight as well ( and Tim Burton also admitted to not being a fan but using the killing joke as inspiration as well.
Oh yes, absolutely. While Nolan and Burton were totaly green in this area, they did hire a major comic fans to write the screenplay (in case of Hamm, he was actually a Batman comic writer at the time)

and sure TDK Joker can be seen as a loose adaption in a way(Joker may not have 1930s surreal flamboyant gangster in him or permawhite but alot of Joker traits were in him so I hope people can frogive those two things) but so was the Joker in Batman(1989) but in a way they can be see as faithful comic adaptions as well
Well, the 89 Joker was almost an exact representation of O'Neil homicidal 70's reboot (differing only with being less energetic, liking art and being narcisstic and different shirt color), while the 08 version had almost a complete redesign in every department, however like I said I really like both. One is closer to the Joker I know from the comic books, the others just a fascinating take on the character. Having both on film is a big win for me


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