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Default Re: The Joker's background?

At least we can agree on like both 89 and 08 movie Joker and how much he like the joker. truce.
I agree 89 Joker is a mix of O'Neil homicidal 70's reboot, 40S-50s Joker and Killing Joke as will with some originalities.

08 TDK Joker seems like a mix of Killing Joke Joker(anarchist who drives people insane to prove a point, multiple origins, Joker) , you can also see similarities between DK Joker and many Jokers respect and veiwing Batman as his perfect foe so he doesn't want to kill him. Joker publicly announcing his crime. the original homicidal maniac before he turned into a harmless prankster Joker, Joker leaving a Joker card at the crime or giving a joker grin this time in the form of a glassglow smile) and williness to kill his own henchmen and his crimes being theatrical. he having no need for money.

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