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Default Re: Captain America: Super Soldier (The Video Game)

Originally Posted by Iron_Stark View Post
True, plus SEGA used to kick ass in making Superhero games. X-Men and X-Men 2: Clone Wars were far superior to the sh***y X-Men games Nintendo put out. The Spider-Man vs Kingpin game that they made was pure awesomeness.

And when it came to porting games SEGA ruled with an iron fist, the Captain America and the Avengers port on the Genesis was also FAR superior to the port the SNES and NES system put out. As were their ports for the Incredible Hulk, the Death and Return of Superman, Batman ('89) the Game. (Nintendo's ports always had bad controls, horrible music and sound fx)

Also, in fact most arcade ports SEGA put out were superior than what Nintendo did.

About the only port Nintendo did better than SEGA was the Batman Returns game.

Man I miss those days.
I agree 100%. To most people Sega is all about what have you done lately, but as I posted earlier one of my favorites games was, X-Men by Sega for the Genesis. I loved everything about the game from the cover art to the part where you get to Mojo and it tells you in order to diffuse the bomb you need to reset the system and you actually have to reset the Genesis system. Simply genius. Also, Spiderman Vs. Kingpin another incredible title as you pointed out. Many people viewed the Saturn and Dreamcast as failure systems, but to anyone who played Capcom's Marvel Superhero's using a converter cartridge for Saturn, knew it was a far superior version to the Playstation crap they put out. As for the Dreamcast, Namco's Soul Calibur remained one of the most beautiful and well put together fighting titles for that generation of systems. Unfortunately, these systems did not meet with public success for whatever reason (perhaps lack of third party support), and I don't think Sega has been the same since. However, they were a power once and if they manage to pull off a few good titles they could be a power again in my opinion. Hopefully, Captain America will be one of those titles to help them return to their former glory.


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