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Default Re: Captain America: Super Soldier (The Video Game)

ok, dunno if any or all of this has been posted, but i just got back from nycc and had a talk with one of the developers of this game and watched the demo. the costume in the screens we have is an unlockable costume and the main one is the movie suit. there will be at least one other costume, maybe more. the game play is alot like arkham asylum with a little assassins creed thrown in there. several villains not in the movie will be in the game including the ones we already know about and others
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i asked about zemo specifically and i got a knowing smile and a "i can't confirm or deny", so...fingers crossed
there will be an upgrade system for cap, newsreel style unlockable audio, cap only uses his shield (no guns or grenades) but can kinda hijack an enemy putting them in a chokehold and using there weapon. there is a pretty cool deflect system for the shield and cap has slow motion super moves based on an "adrenaline" combat momentum system. it looks like it'll be a pretty fun game, even the unfinished version they had was miles better than their ironman 2 game, kinda like an arkham asylum lite. it does take place entirely in a castle, the thug enimies in the screens are not in the movie, there is an appearence by the invaders, composed of bucky, dum dum dugan, and the rest of the howling commandos

2 questions i forgot to ask about,
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is bucky going to be in costume, and is fury in the howling commandos
if anyone is stopping by t/m please try and ask those, the guy running it is pretty cool and open to answering any questions if he can


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