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Default Re: How many Green Lantern sequels should there be? Nine,Twelve?

There should at least be three trilogies like Star Wars was supposed to be.

The first trilogy should be about the adventures of Hal Jordan and his relationship with Carol Ferris and perhaps the Sinestro Corps War and the War of Light/Blackest Night with the introduction of Jon Stewart.

The second trilogy could be about the adventures of Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner perhaps with Kyle rebuilding the GL corps after the Sinestro Corps War/War of Light while Guy Gardner explores the unknown sectors of the universe to find if there are any threats to the GL corps out there much like the Outbound Flight Project was supposed to be in the Star Wars novels.

And the third trilogy would be a prequel about how the GL corps had formed or the massacre of Space Sector 666 with the fall of the Manhunters or various adventures of other alien GL like Mogo,Kilowog,B'dg,Karum Ti,Medphyll,Nautkeiloi etc.

Also it would be fun if the first two sequels deal with Hal being exiled from Earth by the Guardians of the Universe and having to defend the other worlds of Space Sector 2814 and acquiring his own starship from the shipyards of the planet Telkor like in the GL comics from 1981-1982.

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