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Default Re: How should Superman fight?

Whatever they do please avoid the "one-punch wonder" that Smallville employs. I realize it's because of Budget but just having one guy punch the other guy a long distance then repeat it over and over again isn't very interesting. A mix of greco-roman wrestling it supes is fighting something larger than him, like something the size of the hulk. Quick movements, lots of counters. Nothing martial artsy but intricate. Watch the Doc Ock and Spidey fight in slow motion and you'll realize how detailed the fight was. That's the level of detail i'd like.

Sure you'll get the big punches and throws but not on every blow. He should change techniques depending on who or what's he's up against. Example, fighting a Transform-sized robot, he'd use speed, heat vision, freeze breadth, punches etc. However fighting someone his size with his powers would be different than fighting someone like the Hulk/Abomination or someone with a different powerset. That's something i hope they explorre in the film. Putting him up against various threats with different powersets and seeing him adapt and use his powers intelligently/inventively to defeat a wide variety of threats. That to me is far more interesting than just seeing him brawl with someone who shares his powers.

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