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Default Re: How should Superman fight?

Originally Posted by DorkyFresh View Post
i'd love to see him use his heat vision quite a bit (not just once or twice) and while i think he should throw mostly punches, i also think he should throw kicks as well. Superman is supposed to be an advanced alien who can learn quickly, so this means he could probably watch a school of martial artists for a night, learn half of their techniques just by watching them then master them within the week without even using his super strength. i'd like to see him stick with the more powerhouse type moves, but i also wouldn't mind seeing him go Dragon Ball Z on someone as well.
This is one element of Superman that seems to have been largely forgotten. Kryptonians had developed to the point of perfection in mind and body. Even without the effect of the yellow sun Kal-el/Clark is superior to any inhabitant of Earth both physically and mentally.

I agree with every point you make about the fighting style of Superman, but re. heat vision...I to would love to see him use it more often and in coordination with his other would need to be restricted to non-living opponents, i.e. robots, weapons, hardware etc.. Superman would never use it on anyone that it would harm, and for those that it would not harm, it becomes useless.

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