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Default Re: Captain America: Super Soldier (The Video Game)

Originally Posted by Vartha View Post
That's why I said they need to make a game that could be possible.
Say you finish one game on the Legendary level with a hero like in MUA2. You can take that hero with that hero's stats and play a section of another hero's game like Captain America's game.
You have to figure if they can ADD characters AFTER a game is out in stores (BOTH MUA games did this) they can use the same process to take a hero from game to game using a memory card.

Much like any Card game, Hero Clicks has a set of cards and heroes that work with each other in certain ways. Even MUA2 has teams that get certain strengths when certain characters are played together.
Say your best friend loves the villians in Cap's game and you love Iron Man's friends and heroes you can play against each other with those teams with YOUR stats and settings.
It really wouldn't take that much more planning that they already do in the MUA games, it's just making a game you CAN do that with.
Sounds cool, and I'm really not trying to mess with your fantasy or anything. However, there is a difference in my opinion between Marvel Ultimate Alliance and say a single character game that is now being made multi player. Once again I think it would have to be something they plan for in advance and not an after thought is all I was saying. With Marvel Ultimate Alliance they already had enough variety of different character attributes that bringing in other characters later was not too difficult, but with a single character game unless the chacters share similar powers and method of moving around I believe it could be a problem if the game has not properly prepared for it.

Just my opinion though, and for what it's worth I like your idea.


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