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Default Re: Captain America: Super Soldier (The Video Game)

Originally Posted by Vartha View Post
That's why I said they need to make a game that could be possible.
Say you finish one game on the Legendary level with a hero like in MUA2. You can take that hero with that hero's stats and play a section of another hero's game like Captain America's game.
You have to figure if they can ADD characters AFTER a game is out in stores (BOTH MUA games did this) they can use the same process to take a hero from game to game using a memory card.

Much like any Card game, Hero Clicks has a set of cards and heroes that work with each other in certain ways. Even MUA2 has teams that get certain strengths when certain characters are played together.
Say your best friend loves the villians in Cap's game and you love Iron Man's friends and heroes you can play against each other with those teams with YOUR stats and settings.
It really wouldn't take that much more planning that they already do in the MUA games, it's just making a game you CAN do that with.
but it would take that much more planning. the world of cap's game is custom built to showcase cap's abilities as thor's is for him. switching the leads would break the games as they are in their current form. if they designed the games with swapable heroes in mind then what we'd end up with for all of them would likely be relatively homogeneous games that are basically just map packs for ultimate alliance in which you only get to play as one character.

however if you have an ironman 1 save on your system when you play the incredible hulk game, the hulkbuster armor is a playable character in hulk's game. so we may get something yet as these 2 games are being released close together

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