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Default Re: Batman vs the black Joker thug

Originally Posted by SuperFerret View Post
Seen them or studied them? I watched Batman '89 again about two or three weeks ago. I don't remember most of it aside from the broad strokes of the plot. Small scenes like the one being discussed only stick out in the memories of the obsessive or those who've literally just seen it.
Are you f***ing kidding me?? That fight scene is memorable, especially because of the music and it's rather humurous tone. It also goes on for a while. I bet most people at least remember Batman fighting some huge black guy at the end of the friggin' picture, even if they don't remember all the beats.

Originally Posted by Happy Jack
Bombing the Axis Chemicals factory, Batman straight-up telling the Joker he's going to kill him simply out of vengeance, that kind of stuff. You could almost argue what Batman did with the thug was self-defense.
Once you've gone full terrorist, you can't go back.

I'm not a fan of a Batman without that "one rule" yes, but I was wrong when I called what Batman did a trick. It wasn't.
It kind of was. But that's how Burton's Batman gets his kicks.

And so you're OK with "I won't kill you, but I will let you die a horrible death by train crash" instead of straight up killing then, yes?

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