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Default Re: Disney will release Iron Man 3

Here are some interesting thoughts from about yesterday's announcement:

Will Jon Favreau return to direct?
He'll be finished with "Cowboys and Aliens" so it's possible.

Does this mean Robert Downey, Jr. is shooting two films as "Iron Man" back-to-back?
Could be. Hope they increased his paycheck from the original contract.

Who will the villain be this time around?
Could the Mandarin, who was hinted at in the original picture, actually appear on screen?

Does this mean no War Machine in "The Avengers"?
Probably. Did you see Don Cheadle on the Comic-Con stage this summer? No, so look for James Rhodes to return in 2013.

Will it be in 3-D?
You're right. Dumb question. Of course it will be.

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