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Default Re: Disney will release Iron Man 3

Originally Posted by Iron_Stark View Post
lol, you really think he's not going to know how the Avengers ends by the end of March or when filming ends? You really think Marvel's going to keep him in the dark? LOL He's got access to all the movies, hell he saw Cap and Thor storyboards even before both Chris' were even cast.

Really, why does he even have to wait for the Avengers? All he really needs to know is if Tony's alive at the end of the film.

And isn't everyone b***ing how Iron Man should be a stand alone film? So what's the problem with starting on part 3 after he finishes Cowboys and Aliens.

I swear people find the dumbest excuses to cry and moan.
And I swear people find the dumbest reasons to protect and defend everything Marvel does, I know you thought IM2 was 'Teh BeSt movIe eVer,' but some people, including myself, found it dissapointing, and I dont want that happening with IM3, okay?

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